When The Grandbabies Come to Visit

Went to pick up the granddaughters last Thursday.  2 1/2 year old, Sophia, smiling so big said, “I’m so glad to see you!” when we got out of the van. It’s always so good to see these sweet faces.  They came for a few days and Grandpa and Memaw had a great time.  The Aunties also had a great time. Even the dog, Luka, had a great time!  Actually, Cosmo the cat had a good time with Sophia.

I remember my Grandma M, who made such an impact on my young life. We were only able to see her about once every 3 years because she lived in Michigan and we in Minnesota. However, she made the time we did see her so memorable.  When she couldn’t be with us she would write to us. There was never a letter to Grandma that was not answered very quickly. Grandma had dozens of grandchildren and great grandchildren but each one was made to feel so special. I remember the love that seemed to surround her. I couldn’t wait to get there and see her or for her to get here so I could see her.

Her love of the Lord rubbed off on me so early in life. I came to know the Lord when I was 4 or 5 years old. It has had a profound impact on my life. My desire and goal is to imprint on each one for these precious gifts from God the knowledge of God’s great love for them. I want Sophia and Sadie to find Jesus early in life; to have a life of purpose and meaning right from the start.

As I watch Sophia grow, much too fast to my liking, she changes so much from visit to visit.  I am in awe of the words and songs that she knows. She continues to surprise me with not only the words she knows but her ability to use them appropriately. I remember when we took her home after mom and dad had finished moving into a new house. As I walked around the house to look at it, little Sophia, all of 2, went into the master bedroom and every where she turned all she could say was “Amazing”  That little hitch in her voice before each, “Amazing” just got funnier and funnier.  Her eyes were so big and she was enthralled by this beautiful room.

These times with Sadie, 5 months old, are more of a getting to know her time. She is beginning to come into her own personality. She is more serious than Sophia. It is easy to see they are sisters! She looks long and hard at things. Yes she does smile and coo and laughs some but she seems to be more of a watcher!  It is fun getting to know this little one!

Who knew that being a grandparent could change your life so much; could lift the spirit and bring so much joy. There was great joy when I had my four daughters, but who knew Grandbabies would be a second wave of joy; the Joy that is for the next phase of life.

When the Grandbabies come to visit, it is exciting, challenging, tiring, funny, and over much too soon. I thank you, Father for these sweet gifts. I now understand what my mother said about babies. With the birth of Grandbabies she said she now understood why God gave babies to the young and not the old. Yes, Mama, I understand also. But I sure wouldn’t miss this time for anything in the world.

Come back soon, Sophia and Sadie. We all miss you!

Ahhhhhh….now for a nap!